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  1. 24 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    100,000+ players


    thinking of what  caused to spread away players.. BTW i and my country mates cant connect to login server since LO have chosen a Host that banned our country IP's.  i have to bypass it with a paid VPN to play because its VPN i have so much lags many times. After 7 years of playing APB, finally it is a real goodbye time for me.

  2. 1 minute ago, Fortune Runner said:

    uh huh. Sure. right.


    that's only your personal opinion yet how many people have posted otherwise?

    how many in district say otherwise?


    I play in bronze as well as silver

    do you know how many i seen that were gold saying " hacks "  this past month?


    One. One single gold who played like a silver who got gold.

    Then you are a silver, i am mostly playing in silver districts, and i always seen golds crying or having agreement on the issue. at least thats what i see every week, every day, every hour, every mission. not sure why you saying opposite. 

  3. On 5/26/2019 at 5:14 PM, VanilleKeks said:

    I think the reason there seems to be an increase in cheaters is not an actual increase, but rather the fact that if you can bypass BE, you will not get banned since that seems to be the only way that LO currently fights cheaters. Basically, with this small population it's really noticeable when cheaters don't get banned even if the overall number of cheaters isn't that big.

    well said. ban cheaters and half of the population is dropped down. 

    Just now, Fortune Runner said:

    very few stay bronze.

    majority is silver.

    not so true, i have been playing last week, in every few missions we got legit people playing. most of the times was cheaters or clozet's. 

  4. 4 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    I have to assume there are greater future plans for GMs. 

    They can't stay as they are forever, right?

    what greater plans ? they should be like 4 or 5 of em in every populated district. and no they don't need to be active for ever, they change their position by 2 or 3 hours. is it much to expect a GM this amount of service's ? im not talking about Moderators or Developers no, these GMs are who that appliciants thats been chosen by LO from regular users. like me and you.


    4 hours ago, Yood said:

    I assume that the tickets of the team, the GMs should have the prerogative in the treatment of the support before regular requests for assistance .

    what ? i couldn't understand your sentences. 

  5. i just say my comment, LO should decide to work on this issue. i dont know how, but there is something that can be done to control game having dudes running around with speed hack. 

    yes there are people easily bypassing BattleEye. there should be some GM available in districts, replying live requests. like voting team members if they need help of a GM and then if the answer is "yes we need a GM look into these player(s)" then GM comes and if the team member are right, he/they get ban for a week or so. at least they become less blatant (like now they are using speed hack  or teleportation with no fear of getting banned)..

    all im saying is : (forget me for issues in typing)


  6. Im tired of disconnecting my game because getting cheaters against us. its a joke that LO and @MattScott dont want to hear about it and the moderators don't do any help with support, no support. i have sent many report tickets, nothing is happening. all day they are in game. cheaters... doing speedhack ! teleportings and aimbots. you want to ban me because of telling the truth ? ok ban me but sir ! i dont want this game like this. at least answer me then ban me ! please 😢

  7. this particular subject is what apb is suffering from and i think its more important than any other revisions or patch or new contents.. if people are begging you for doing something, it means serious.. for many time that has passed and will pass..

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  8. 8 hours ago, shhift said:

    Releasing the new game mode as well as the engine at the current state of the game is going to be a huge mistake, I understand that you want to release both as close together as possible. However, I don’t think you should be delaying fixing the current game because of that. A lot of the players who quit the game quit because of the state the game was in and not because the lack of content. Besides from what we’ve seen from Riot it seems like it’s a far way from being finished and should probably be put to the side for now imo. Currently there are tons of broken things in the game, many of whom you’ve broken after patches/events. If the engine were to be released in the current state that the game is currently I’m afraid most of the players who come back to check out the engine and the gamemode would just leave again after realising that the basics of the game actually somehow got worse than before and the same problems still persist.


    Things that needs to be fixed

    • Car Radar

    It’s just unreliable to the point where it’s not even worth running it anymore, spawn next to one and you’re permanently stuck until you die, spawn far away from one and you’re invisible while on top of the car.


    • Spotter

    Did get a lot better after you applied the fix for it, but broke the patch after with the Halloween event. Currently the spotter is even worse than it was before you applied the fix for it.


    • Points not appearing

    has been around for the last couple months and desperately needs a fix. The only way to stop this from happening is logging out from your account between every character swap and once it occurs the only fix is to restart the game.


    Ghostshots, names not showing up on corners and desyncing has also gotten a lot worse. However, some of these bugs might be very difficult to figure out a solution for so it’s understandable that some of them have been around for a while. On the other hand hitreg like this:



    Is just ridiculous, specially  considering these clips are just a small portion of the hitreg from the last week.


    Balance Changes

    Something else which I just don’t understand is some of the balance changes which has not yet been made, such as:


    • Low-Yields

     We still have 3 low yields, should be reduced down to 2 to start with.


    • Remote detonator

     Still has no cooldown should be around 2 - 4 minutes cooldown.


    • Yellow mods

    Yellow mods are still in the game, should be removed completely or nerfed significantly. Example:

    Shield HP reduced by 60% (Currently takes slightly less than 1 and a half mag for most guns to destroy a shield)


    You should no longer be able to resupply nades or explosive ammo from the yellow ammo boxes. (Would also give people a reason to play Field Supplier again)


    • Shotguns

    Shotgun changes have yet to be reverted even though there has been numerous threads made about it, the change failed to make the hitreg of the shotgun more reliable which was the point of the change. Shotguns like the NFAS, Thumper and JG are now incredibly overpowered while the CSG is completely useless. The fact that it’s near impossible to miss with the shotguns also make SMGs completely useless within 20m if you play vs someone close to your own skill level.


    • Cooldowns

    Why has premium / non premium cooldowns for both character mods as well as vehicle mods yet to be normalised to the current premium ones?


    • HVR

    HVR still deals 850 damage. 850 damage is way too much for any gun in this game to deal, the damage should be reduced and the zoom in nerf should be reverted, this just made the gun feel clunky and unfun to play. The quickswitching was never really the problem with the gun but more so the fact that it deals 850 damage and takes you out of the fight for 10-15 seconds  for minimal effort.  What you should've done was reduce the damage of the HVR to 720 and make it drop down to 50 at 90-100m so you don't get 1 tapped at render distance.


    Side notes:

    Why does the Talon still have 10m less range than the regular RFP?

    with all respect, speak for your self. 

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  9. 14 hours ago, MattScott said:

    Hi all,

    We just started awarding the Premium (4pm Friday Pacific time).

    There are a lot of players to gift, so we're doing this in waves. To start we will hit everyone who has logged in within the last 30 days sorted by most recent login first.

    Then we'll go back 30 days, etc.


    Your Premium wont start till it is awarded to the account.

    I'll keep you posted.



    you are not assigning Premium by human resources right ?

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