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  1. Even though it has only 7 bullets, there is more reward than risk in using it. Look at any game, 95% of players use it and most of them can kill you with that secondary aganist whisper or pmg in close range. It is also very good at medium range. If that many people use it, it means that it is overpowered compared to other secondaries. Second 'IF', if many people go to combat with secondary rather than main gun, even when it should be better at that situation, it means that this shit is OP :D Third 'IF', if you can shoot it that fast with perfect clicks or with macro (which many players use), that can outgun for example ntec or pmg, it means that this weapon is once again - not balanced at all :) It should be nerfed because everything says that it is to good and not balanced at all... Like an oscar which maybe is balanced but makes your character move in such way that it looks like you would be teleporting or lagging...
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