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  1. agree with the monster spawns. Sometimes I've had them insta-spawn as soon as I killed one--like on a spot where only 2 spawn. And I just killed 2. So I know it wasn't a spawn from something I killed earlier. Item limit is fine. Though it would be nice if they had packs in this game you could use to carry more space. And the carry limit seems pretty low. They probably should reduce the weight on a lot of the resources, mats, and harvestables. A crafting bag might be a consideration, but I would think they'd have that in their cash item shop--so they could make some money on this game. Scrolling in and out on the 1st area map on the strategic map a definite MUST. I would like to see more of a town I am in quite often. The area shown in the main map is ok, but it just isn't enough. there should be an option to zoom in and out in a way where you could still see shops/nodes, etc. Bank storage - I sort of like it how it is. There are benefits and drawbacks to certain areas. And players should strategize to knowing this. If you know an area doesn't have a normal sector bank, then you have to change what you're going to bring to compensate for this. Makes it more like a survival game. sorting - yes. we need a way to sort stuff. also, the game does something weird. every once in a while, a given tab of items (usually tradeskill) is all messed up with a bunch of spaces between items. Not sure why this is but it's irritating. currency - I'm going to agree with what the guy said earlier. The currency system is how they do it in this post-apocalyptic game. You just gotta know how it works and understand it. But once you do, it's like any other currency. USD, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen. Just takes some getting used to. Don't want them to change it. It adds a unique aspect to the game.
  2. I like that idea of cargo pants. It would be nice to have clothing and/or other gear with special bonuses (like you have for weapons). Perhaps some day? But as a low level character, I've never seen such things.
  3. I have been playing this game for about a week and would like to offer some feedback for quality-of-life improvements for the game (if I may!). (1) change and vary your food effects. Most of the foods all have the same food effects for the same level bracket. They seem bland and uninteresting. Perhaps allow for different effects than just stamina and hp regen. (2) allow horses (you've used) to be 'picked up' or brought to the inventory so you can sell them on auction. Lets say you upgrade a horse. Then you won't have to delete it at a stable master, but can pawn it off to someone else. (3) change the way walking works - it's too easy to get stuck behind a 6-inch curb, forced to back up and jump over it. Any normal person would just walk over this thing. This also happens when walking into doorways. This isn't a 'huge' thing and one can get used to it--but as a new player, it is EXTREMELY irritating and may in and of itself lose you a lot of potential customers. (4) Ragdoll Physics. Now, I'm not a physics major, but I'm pretty sure when I defeat an enemy with my knife, they aren't suppose to go flying over my head 10 feet behind me. (5) inventory "sort" ability. to sort by maybe category, name, etc. (6) ability to split stacks of items in the bank as you can do in your inventory, so in the event I just want a few of an item in a stack in my bank I can do so (either for weight constraints or other). (7) some type of audible notification when something sells at the auction would be a great implementation. (8) rubber banding - why do the creatures in this game do this? I've died to a creature rubber banding on me. (9) Loot quantity variations and perhaps multiple loot from 1 source -- no matter where you go, it's all the same. 1-3 of any given item. This gets boring after a while. Perhaps change it up. For smaller nodes, maybe have it at 1-3. With perhaps a rare chance of getting a large quantity (maybe 5). For other items, like cars/garbage trucks, maybe have multiple things you can loot. Say you scavenge, maybe have a loot interface similar to what you'd get if you defeated an enemy where you have a chance to get up to 5 different items. Maybe you find a beer in the car. Some rubber. Perhaps a pen? Surely, it would make looting more interesting. (10) Allow the chance to loot weapons and armor. Surely, if they're killing me with a weapon, there should be a chance that I can find that weapon in working condition and can use it myself. Even if it were to be of inferior quality to something players can craft. (11) did you ever consider adding packs to the game? That can house a little bit more inventory space? Yes, aside from the horse or vehicle you can have. (12) Waypoint 'X" on the map that is a different color than yellow. It is literally almost IMPOSSIBLE to see with my aging eyes against that tanish background on the main map. PLEASE, change this to a different color and perhaps even increase the size. (13) the ability to enlarge the square panel (or at least the font in it) for targets you have. It's very hard for me to read that small fond in the target screen. (14) creature dropped rares (equipment or other) besides just mats. Everything is mats. this gets old. It would be nice if just once in a great while I saw a nice weapon or piece of armor come off an enemy. (15) an account-wide vault that you can use to store items you can transfer between any character on your account. (16) a few more 'fast travel' spots, including to the starter cities. (Why don't the starter cities have these, anyway? It would be a great help for newbies). (17) night-specific enemy spawns to make night travel a bit dangerous (and/or rewarding). (18) throwing weapons (or do you have these? I haven't seen any if you do) such as axes, daggers, etc. and the ability to have builds for these? (19) a little bit more variety of scenery besides all desert. I hear there is a forest--that's good. But it would be nice to have more scenery like this. Maybe a swamp. maybe a giant lake (that you can actually swim in or hop amongst rocks? that has enemies in it. More underground, cave, or dungeon places to go besides the outdoor playing area. (20) Getting awesome loot (like finding treasure chest or loot bag or something like that sometimes after a fight as a special treat with more rarer goodies than you normally would get. (21) tools or such that allow you to harvest nodes faster or more items harvested than you normally wood. Or that add a greater chance to get the uncommon item that node has. Anyway, I hope those suggestions were of help. Your game is quite fun and very promising. I'm rather surprised there isn't more people playing it than are. Anyway, good luck and I look forward to the future improvements you make on this. P.S.--I heard your cash shop no longer exists. Is that true? How do you make money on this game, then?
  4. I would like to suggest you add more mailing slots for each time you mail to a recipient. Especially for when I'm sending stuff to another character, it would be nice to send maybe 8-10 items at a time instead of 1. Clicking item in, then all the needed info (name, etc) then dragging just 1 item is an extreme hassle when you have a character with a full vault and inventory.
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