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  1. Jumpshot scout was cancer, it was an even worse version of the CSG. Low TTK, I dont quite remember if it was the same as the CSG, but like the CSG you could hide 99% of the time so you always have the upper hand, no matter the distance. Not sure what APB is like now tho cause I quit in 2015, however when all those gimmicky fortnite-like things that were added by the previous Gamersfirst, like seeing enemies through walls with shit made me lose interest to try again, as much as Ive loved the game since 2009. Also tiggs was a horrible CM. Also RIP Vuh. Tho I dont blame LittleOrbit for taking so long, a former RTW dev told me back then that the code is a mess with absolutely 0 documentation, if anything this is old GamersFirsts fault. Announcing Engine upgrade before anyone properly looked into it, infact it came as a surprise for the devs. What was that guys name Björn somethingsomething?
  2. I just wanna point out here really quick, while Ive been gone for 6years~ Unreal Engine 3 is a huge mess. And other game studios agreed on that, its also why Unreal Engine 3 didnt sell as well as 1 and 2 did and Epic subsequently let ppl use it for free with a % fee of the earnings instead. Other studios like Midway Games blamed the Unreal Engine for how shitty BlackSite: Area 51's development cycle was. So I believe it, + Fumanchu(former RTW and Reloaded Studios Dev) back in the day said that there is absolutely 0 documentation on a lot of the assets in the game because the fresh dev students RTW hired were sloppy. So I gotta give it to Matt here
  3. Maybe he died from the vaccines or something, or isnt allowed to work. Regardless back ontopic If LO was bankrupt youd have the same panic inducing news as back with RTW. Also the shop would close and nobody would be able to buy _anything_ anymore. I dont get it.
  4. So I just came back after 7years, why is everyone saying LO is bankrupt.
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