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  1. Hello I’m a apb console player ps4 I’ve noticed the games population dropping in the last 4 to 5 days and I don’t know am I missing something or what because social used to be 10-13 players now it’s 3 - 4 players and other districts are dead this is unusual because at this time social used to be 10 -13 and baylan had players and now it’s 0 I don’t know why apb needs to merge social pc and console social together quickly because we all know the game is dying on both console and pc so I think they should at least merge console and pc social and stop lying about updating pc and then slowly updating console I think the Apb community has waited enough especially console.
  2. Hello I’m a console apb player I play ps4 and I want to know when will apb on console get updated I know it’s sometime after the pc updates but is there a exact date time? And I think we should get the merge on console and pc on social Districts because console is losing more players today there was 3 2 in social baylan is dead and missions are also dead we need the social merge then they can update pc.
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