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  1. I've never played FE before and it's a shame because the game is so cool. I've been in the wasteland for a few days now and what I especially like about it is the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the ragged world; gameplay revolving around scavenging and crafting, all those equipment slots on my character and the ability to dual wield different combinations of weapons like a gun and a knife, the slow progress and the slow burner feel which arguably can be just me, the action combat with manual aiming, even the character creator that still keeps up with many modern MMO's; the sound design of loud gunfire and ambient music; and a lot more. Honestly, I did not expect it to be this good. To not give only praise, there are some things that annoy me a bit, mainly that mobs keep respawning too fast so it doesn't really feel like I'm clearing out an area while they keep popping up even right next to me; that I can't whistle to call my horse if he's standing not too far away; and maybe a couple more minor things. But the game as a whole is amazing. Thanks for reviving it!
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