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  1. One thing I love about this whole situation is we don't get those toxic players 'game down wtf!??!' and that BS. Just a load of genuinely grateful players that understand it's all a bit janky at the back end and are just happy to be able to play again and reconnect with old friends, acquaintances, old enemies and familiar faces. Thank you for this Matt, it's really great and I, for one, really appreciate all the work you and your team has done and is doing for this. Thank you
  2. Disabling mail would basically break a design loop in the game as the AH would no longer work fundamentally (sales or expired items get sent to you via mail also anything purchased is sent via mail so you cannot GET anything you bought). lso you would need to be doing excessive traveling or expensive (for newer players) ports to clan mates to do crafts for them or give hand-me-downs so that they can use it (as you can't sell the item on the AH anymore as teh AH would not function as previously stated). It would also make resource acquisition almost impossible for certain things as well as gear (suzette, the solution, fuzzy bunnies, crimson mask etc). Whilst there are indeed issues with server stability, removing/disabling mail would make the game such a painful experience. How to fix any duping things? I have no idea, it all happened after I left the game, but I'm sure they are working on a solution thats not going to fundamentally change and potentially break the games progression curve for leveling and trade skill grinding (and end game gear too when we get there)(
  3. One of my characters was riding up to Clinton FARM and then crashed with an error/bug report box. Now that character is unable to log in and has been unable to log in for a few hours now. All my other characters on my old account and new can log in. Suspected issue with Clinton Farm/Overlook? Being unable to play my highest level character sucks Any chance of having a character move or anything like that?
  4. Very happy with this news. Bit sad about not having that Commander kit thing for crafting as that was very very handy (maybe just give that default on new character creation for this along with the normal fire axe, iron pipes and pipe pistols? Would allow people to enjoy the game easier and further thus more feedback before people get bored and leave that never played before?). I can see much copper and nitrite mining for gunpowder....oh this is going to bring me back haha Merged. Don't....don't give me hope. Also I need to clean the house this weekend.....sheet lol
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