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  1. It is valid because they did not release an update or said anything that would indicate otherwise. Plus in that post it clearly talks about new version... Please read more carefully before you talk about "correct info".
  2. They said they want to keep players interest and launch classic for the meantime. That doesn't mean they can't or don't have the database backup that they can later restore.
  3. That is why you need to advertise the game, put money into marketing and take an approach as this is another MMORPG. Look how many players wanted to play New World. Hundreds of servers and still first days the queues were 100 hours long. Most people couldn't play. The demand was insane. If you attract enough players I don't see why you can't have 2 or even 3 servers for FE2. At the end of the day this is a business company and their priority is to make money. If you don't have players - you won't be able to maintain the project and will have to sell it or close it down completely again... Gotta learn, right.
  4. dude, there is plenty of information about it... right on this forum, in the same subforum and it is also PINNED topic... :DDD
  5. Playing with 200 ping is also not an option regardless of IP block or not. Devs need to support other regions and look at it from the bigger picture. Fresh start? I am talking about new relaunch. They said 99% the progress will carry over... And we had dupes and things like that which affected the game negatively and yet they want to carry the progress over. Not a good idea. Especially when in order to make the game successful you have to build the hype, attract new players from all over and give people the excitement of a new world, new start... This game has tons of potential but its not being used.
  6. I don't want to be negative but I don't see new relaunch of FE having huge success unless it launches globally and gives everyone a fresh start (as per your mentioned "up to todays standards"). Otherwise only old players are incentivized to come back.
  7. I don't know how to you gonna keep the FE population going for the new release if you're not gonna attract new players. And those will have little to no interest in joining a game which will carry over the old progress and especially things that were affected by duplication glitch (Because that glitch ultimately affected the progress itself one way or the other, no doubt). I would highly suggest reconsidering this part. Also what about EU servers? The current standards for MMORPGs is for them to be accessible globally. Which FE never was.
  8. Playing with 170-200 ping from Eastern Europe isn't a lot of fun... I know original FE and classic doesn't have EU servers. So my question is... Can we hope for any once the new version of the game is relaunch? Merged. One thing that I did not consider is that the game world is massive and the player population was never insane or good enough to match the world size... So my idea about multiple servers is probably not an option unless devs willing to put a lot of money into marketing and advertisements... However, are there any other options or efforts from the game side that would allow Europeans are players from other countries to enjoy this game with a better ping? (Besides VPN software)
  9. I saw a guy with an ATV just when the servers went online and now this level 5 "Ajac" guy drove past me with a motorcycle. He said he found it in his garage.. I didn't get nothing but an old and slow nag... What is going on here?
  10. oh yeah baby, here we go... Just made a new acc, dont remember the old one... Please, I want NEED to know WHEN.
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