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  1. 8/10 Catchy music and some kind of a nice video
  2. Ok, its not my style, but it is from the early 00's so I give it like 4,5/10 Let's throw in some rock
  3. Relaxing 7/10 And yes, the text before and after the song I posted last is confusing, because it should be "his twinbrother tried to kill him" because he didnt died (tommy vext is actually the singer of the band). Maybe that would have made everything a bit more understandable XD
  4. Listened to it like 3-4 times, but.. I dont know 3/10
  5. Ok, have to admit that was a good one 8,5/10 This isnt the newest song of them, but my current favourite Even when the new one is getting that position XD Damn, cant wait for the new album on June 22^^
  6. Not my type of music. And the video, well.. but it is a classic, so 4,5-5/10 And talking about classics, how about some ZZ Top?
  7. 9/10 Not really my music, but it wasnt bad
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