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  1. Thanks for willing to help but it works now, most of the times because sometimes it just freezes to death lol and no way to get it running again. I still tend to crash a lot though with other errors, a common one I get is the "APB ran out of memory" which I don't understand because I have 16gb of Physical Memory (RAM). I just got a fresh desktop so it somehow confuses me since not a lot of different programs should be installed/running that could interfere with APB.
  2. Sadly that does not work for me. The game keeps being frozen and I can't minimise it either.
  3. 2 :Game freezes when you respawn but you can still hear everything happening. You can minimise / maximise the game to fix the issue, or do control + alt + del and click back on the game to unfreeze it. That is exact my problem and it happens a lot, going to try it out if it helps. Hopefully it does! Already thanks!
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