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  1. 3 hours ago, Nagletz said:

    But hey, Jericho players are happy now, having one (ūüėĪ) district fully alive. That‚Äôs what I clearly don‚Äôt understand in this decision, they pick¬†minority over majority. No offense, but most of NA players already migrated to EU, some friends of mine from there did managed to max more than 2 255 chars.


    I am (or was) a NA player that migrated to EU and already got to 200+

  2. On 9/30/2021 at 5:43 PM, MonkaS said:

    your entire statement is incorrect there are more players playing now than when we couldn't even fill a bronze district(no golds could play the game at that time however now everyone can play) during the day just yesterday it was 40 v 40

    Your are wrong. The game population is at the lowest it has ever been. just look at apb.pop and steam charts.

  3. 3 hours ago, Ozium said:



    believe your wrong ...  there will be a wipe and really it has to be that way to make all the time and effort pay off rebuilding game they need new money and new players, which just won't happen if old db is restored ...

    Indeed, lol! I thought this was APB Forum, kek; sorry

  4. 8 hours ago, Deadliest said:

    Queue system was suggested years ago when the game was at it's peak, in the year 2021 and the game still doesn't have one LOL. 


    The game has always lack in attention to detail, stuff like this should be in the game already....


    Like why isn't there one? right the game is dead now.



    After seeing The Isle peak again, after 4 or so years, I dont think APB is truly. In fact, there might be some hope if LO does everything right and start banning dethreaters and cheaters once the game blows. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, MiffyJupiter said:

    It's digusting that I get a penalty for so called "name shaming". Cheaters that are so obvious just get covered by the mods here. I bet if they ban the cheaters their player base gets halved.

    I bet you're only playing in Bronze servers then.


    Chill dude. If you are bad, just git gud. Your hackcusations will drop right away when you git gud xD

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  6. 1 hour ago, MiffyJupiter said:

    @MattScott Fix your fucking game. Cheaters lurking literally around every corner and they aren't even trying to hide it, they are so obviously cheating. If your anti-cheat doesn't do crap then I suggest just cancel the fucking contract/license as you're paying for literally nothing.  This is the last time I've spent a fucking dime on this game. FIX IT or just slowly see it wither and ultimately die. You bought this game and we had great hopes as a community but we've literally seen no improvement in this game's gameplay mechanics. I don't care that my language is foul but I am utterly and completely done with this nonsense. 


    Just look at in-game characters: Removed Public accusations ~@mayii all examples of high ranking players using cheats. There are clans out there that are literally full of players sharing their cheats, just look at the clans of the characters I mentioned. This is nothing compared to the majority of the "High Ranking" players using third party tools to give them advantages in this game. 


    I hope this is worth something to you, if not; I don't care. This game is dead to me. But it's ultimately your investment that's at risk here. No one buys something that isn't worth saving, so I hope you've got something up your sleeve.



    Jesus dude, chill. 
    Havent seen a cheater in a while, if you are salty about the game just give it a day or two and come back.

  7. 49 minutes ago, Vnight said:

    Exactly. I'm about to cancel a TC cuz of it, simply a waste of money by now. Even if i have cancer i rather take my chances with it, than dumping ountless amount of money for endless amount of formalities, that never get to a good end anyway.

    Don;'t worry i will make sure to say my last words here if that';s the case, but regardless, my words will be trolled here no mattrer what.

    By the way... i keep getting this no target missions allot every time i come back, wtf do this company actually fix about this game... its fucking annoying.

    I have the game on a SSD and it takes forever to restart it...  Restarting this game = quitting it literally.

    Going afk is still a better option tho, too bad for the mongoloids enjoying it tho, but what can i say other than what's going on, how can i go to the target if there is no target anywhere.

    But hey blame me, cuz that's how's normal.

    Man you should talk to someone, seriously. Dont normalize mental issues 

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