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  1. when you bought an apb I really thought that you would save the project, nothing changes, you are the same as G1, but even they did a normal transfer eu1 on eu2 You will wipe money and jt , because GM 4game handed out to your friends for free
  2. Yeap, it's items not transfers from nekrova!!!!! Merged. Lol easy , i win 6 legendary weapons on server nekrova, they delete my gun and give me 200 closed JB? What do you think about LO? Merged. "From today, all items in the in-game store will be available for 0 rubles, and the GM shop is closed. All funds spent in the in-game store from December 13 to December 27 will be restored to the account in 4game" message innova corp. UPD: Before transferring characters, you must contact 4game, and clarify with them all the features of the transfer of the database!
  3. Since 2012, I spent 1000 dollars on this game, on the servers of Russia, and you want to tell me that I was left with nothing? What about those legendary cannons that I received from the boxes on the server nekro? will you delete them and give new boxes from which I will not get anything? P.S.- You really are idiots if you think that someone after this transfer will work with you and also spend money on this game Merged. I'm playing with RTW, it's time to tell you and this game - goodbye! Thx for nothing
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