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  1. Absolute must have in every outfit is accessories. -Dogtags -Wrist cuffs -choker -necklace We could definitely use more in that regard, especially as they are rather simple modeling jobs, but adding more variety in that regard would always be amazing. Aside that stuff we could really use would be -Open flannel shirt (m/f) specifically a nice baggy type, would be great to be able to create some grunge inspired looks -Ripped jeans -More ripped clothing items especially, maybe even some crim exclusives? Where enfs get all the tactical goodness, crims could get some street wear? -more glasses
  2. I mean, its been stated before. Its hard to actually tell if someone is hacking or just has been playing the game for a decade. The player skill makes a huge difference. And yea, you will be called a cheater all the time, that is just part of FPS culture, The current setup of the playerbase doesnt really help that either. As you have mainly veterans with tens of thousands of hours in the game and newbies. I am more of the latter. But I get called cheater just as often as I feel that someone is cheating. Fact of the matter is, usually, the issue is dethreating, and the server population causing you to be in extremely unbalanced fights. That isnt helped, by the fact, that a lot of veterans also create smurfs, which then leads to you getting killed ten times in a mission by a bronze R10 player, just cause they are better. Perhaps in some cases, there are also Macros at play, which... well neither EAC nor BE can reliably detect (as almost no anti-cheat can) But of course it quickly seems like hacks. To be honest though... higher ban numbers mean nothing. How many of those are false positives? How many bans are actually handed out in total? Switching to a new Anti cheat will always result in more bans, because of course, you for one catch people, that didnt get the memo, and cheat without protection from the new anti-cheat, people who create throwaway accounts, to create new cheats, but also, because bugs in the new anti-cheat will result in more false positives, which means people get banned, that did do nothing wrong. So kinda important to know, if the amount of people who are texting support to get their falsely banned accounts back also increased in that time. Not to mention of course, if you had a sudden influx of "new players" that then ended up getting banned, or if those bans were handed out to accounts with a lot of playtime. Ultimately, the tool used doesnt matter as much as how it is used. Any anti-cheat will have ways to be circumvented. As any anti-cheat, just as any anti-virus can only look for specific methods and programs, and monitor specific files and behaviors. If it did more, it would either infringe in privacy, or become so resource heavy, it wouldnt be viable to be run alongside a game anymore. And just as any anti-virus, any anti-cheat will usually have more false positives than correct hits. I cant say, if people actually get banned for hacking. Heck I cant even say if there are any actual hackers in the game. What I can say though, is that I have game crashes that result in redownloading of files, most likely due to the anti-cheat at least once a week, and that a friend of mine, got kicked for cheating, when they absolutely werent. That stuff is kinda annoying, noone likes getting a CTD in the middle of a mission or a kick in the middle of a mission, due to the anti-cheat not working correctly. I am with Todesklinge, having a paywall, even if just a minor one, would be a vastly better protection against cheaters, than any anti-cheat.
  3. That isnt really the point. you can still do exactly that. Just get high burn fuel, nitro III and if you want Steel plating III. And you can easily run into the enemy team, hide behind your car and take out ppl with nades in their hands, before they can really react, and even if your car blows up, you do not get any dmg yourself. If you are rank 195 or willing to pay JT for that mod. That kinda manifests the issue of older vs newer players. Which is one of the key reasons, why so many people try the game only to never return. Cause they just cant get a foot in the door. I mean, we can fight back and forth, whether a car should be tanky or not. I think, yes it should be. At least tankier than a single person on foot (As it is now cars have about the same HP as players have (950-1300 HP on cars, and Players on Fragile at 860 HP 1000 base and up to 1300HP using Kevlar) But agree to disagree. The main point tho for me is, there are two reasons given for this change 1. To bring cars more in line, and give people an incentive to use sth. else than Vegas, Espacio and Pioneer, and for Enforcers the occasional Jericho. and 2. To give newer players more of a chance. But it does neither. New players main issue, is that they do not have access to high DPS equipment. They cant use Concussion grenades, only frag grenades (990 dmg on Concussion, 750 dmg on frag) which means, even against 1300 dmg vehicles, they have a harder time. Of course, it is now more manageable, as you can now destroy even the tankiest player cars with a maximum of 2 perfect nade hits, even for new players. But that is about it. They still have the weaker equipment altogether. a Calabria has a whooping 1k HP, a single Concussion + one shot of pretty much any pistol, and their car goes boom. The first cars they unlock arent much better either. With the tankiest being the Ceresco at 1250 HP. But HP just doesnt matter as much in cars. Yea ofc it does to a degrees, but main importance in missions, is being able to stop another players car, if you want to stop them delivering task targets. And there are two ways to do that 1. flipping a car, or ramming it to a halt 2. Rocket launcher. New players only have access to 1. However, only car that is really good at that is the Vegas. Which also still has 1300 HP... not the 4x4 one, but the RWD still has. So to stop other ppl running, the Vegas remains the Meta car. Espacio and Pioneer also have a spot there, cause they cant easily be flipped or rammed away by a Vegas. But even a Bishada Rapier, a Growl, or a Jericho while now in line HP wise, still arent as good for that, meaning, they arent as good a choice as player vehicle. And again, beginner equipment, just doesnt compare. If you try to flip a Ceresco, you WILL succeed. Cause that thing is just a Paper box on wheels. Yea a Calabria isnt as easy to flip, but it has so little weight and speed, you can just push it against a wall, and then proceed to destroy it with a single nade. A Cisco still sits at a whooping 980 HP (which before was higher than other fast cars, and is now the lowest around) So yea. It does neither bring cars in line, as the Vegas, Espacio, and Pioneer still are the Meta, nor does it really give much of a foot in the door for newer players. It definitely gives them a bit more of a chance against higher ranked players in cars... By entirely removing any Tankiness from cars, which eradicates an entire playstyle. Before the nerf, I knew I could hide from at least one blast of anything behind a pioneer, including an OSMAW. Now, that isnt the case anymore. That in turn makes play against chokeholds even harder, which means, you can only really win against a chokehold, if your team is significantly better than the enemies, which then is a sign of bad matchmaking. And that is my point. It doesnt do, what its supposed to do, but it does remove tactical options, which I personally just dont like.
  4. Okay... the patch has been live for a few hours, and I played for most of those. Here my thoughts especially on the car changes (cause I dont really use mobile cover anyways and the orange supplybox upgrade is still implemented and works normally? (Did I missread that part?) On the weapons, consumable, and mission changes I cant really comment too much on as of rn. What I do want to comment on however, is the car changes. So essentially, cars were brought in line. But lets look at the Details. The highest HP cars went from 1600HP to 1300HP, meanwhile middle class cars, that used to be at 1350 HP, were brought down to 1150 HP, with several fast cars, that had their HP brought up to 1150HP, from 950HP. So, what this means is, we do not have any useful Cars to work as mobile cover. On paper these 300 HP, do not sound much, but, you have to add 30% to it, to account for Steel plating III. This means, the total nerf of effective HP, for those cars is not 1600->1300 (which is an almost 20% decrease in HP) but its actually 2080->1690 Which means, with Armor plating III you now essentially have barely more HP, than those cars had as base HP beforehand. So... what is the issue with this? In the hours I played today, cars felt like they were made out of paper. No matter which one, you could easily destroy everything A normal Grenade can deal up to 1200 Damage, and Steel plating does not reduce that damage. That means, that you can literally destroy all Cars, except for the Pioneer, the Vegas RWD, the Espacio, and the Ceresco (and possibly other cars you cant get anymore + ofc some world spawn cars) with a single grenade. (which to put this bluntly, still means, you have certain cars, that are just flatout better than others, which now is those 4 (although the Ceresco barely belongs on this list at only 1250 HP and barely enough engine power to move itself) And you can destroy absolutely all player cars with 2 grenades. Not to mention, that a grenade, plus a single mag of pretty much every gun in the game, can destroy every single car, Even, if that car has Steel plating III, because 30% of 100 HP is only 30 HP, which just doesnt matter. This is a huge issue, because you just at times need to go in hot with your car into the enemy team, to even stand a chance, especially, if you are running a shotgun or SMG build. Not to mention, that you cant even use your car as mobile cover anymore, if you need it for certain chokehold positions. As even 1300 HP is not a lot in those scenarios. A single well placed grenade, plus 2-3 Shots from a sniper, can even take out an Espacio with Steel plating III. The reason that is necessary, is because still, most missions dont give you the time, to try an organized approach. If I only have 1:30 minutes to try and get into a chokehold, that I can barely get into if I have 5 minutes and the larger team, then I just need some way to do anything. And mobile cover is great, unless you have to attack a position above you, or you are more than one person at a position. That then means, that you are massively dependent on the cars that spawn around you, if you can get an armored truck, you have a chance, if not, its GG from there. So my point is, we need high HP player vehicles. I have been for adding the armored truck and the heavy duty truck as player vehicles for ages (even without slots, if that would be the only way to balance it, but ofc with slots would be nicer) Now we kinda lost the only options, that kinda went towards that direction... And really, all we would need, to make Espacio and Pioneer work at their 1600HP would be a beginner car with 1500-1550 HP (which the Ceresco would be the perfect choice for) And maybe a tiny reduction in their engine power. And after playing for several hours today, my initial impression is, you could just add 200 HP to absolutely all cars, cause as it stands, the only cars that dont blow up immediately are the world spawn trucks. So conclusion, I like that in general cars are brought more closely together in terms of HP, they just are all too low now. And it would be good, to have the option for reliable, slow, big, high HP vehicles as you just need them in some missions, that should ofc have an option newer players can quickly get into.
  5. Okay, so I got about 90 minutes of test time on the BETA, here my thoughts: First my specs: GTX 1060 6GB AMD FX-8370E 8core 16 GB ram 64bit win 10 (Installed on HDD, OS on SSD) Tech: -For some reason, after installing, the "Multi-GPU support" option was enabled, which caused my FPS to drop well below 40 FPS during gameplay, and would drop my FPS down to 0 when in editors, like clothing, body, or car editor (Side note, I only have one GPU, so I can see, why multi-GPU support would cause issues) -Smooth FPS was also by default enabled, disabling, would let the game run at 100-120 FPS with occasional dips to about 50, especially in fighting districts. -After disabling Multi GPU, the performance in the editors was still not great (30-40 fps max, occasional dips to 15 FPS) -I had one crash during the entire time, which was caused by a sudden inexplicable spike in GPU usage, that caused an immediate CTD (although multi GPU was still enabled at that point) -Compared to live the game ran extremely well. The micro stuttering and freezes, I have constantly in live, were completely gone, and I was usually well above 60 fps, which the live version rarely manages to achieve. (ngl, this is what makes me most hyped about this, finally being able to play the game without constantly dying to tech issues) -There were a lot of freezes and FPS drops in interfaces and menus -Please reintroduce the windowed fullscreen option Gameplay: -The gameplay felt like it was greatly improved. Obviously due to the performance improvements. But also the weapon handling, was far more responsive, than that of the live game. -Tracers are just so great to have, and improve the gameplay massively -Car handling still felt extremely wonky, but that may be due to me being an EU player, and the tests running on NA servers (I couldnt check ping anywhere though but aside the cars, the gameplay felt extremely responsive and lag free, despite it being NA servers) Looks: -The game obviously looks quite a lot better, however, the gloss on a lot of materials needs to be dialed back a bit, or the dynamic lights, need to be softer. As it stands, skin looks too glossy, especially in the dynamically lit rooms in social, same goes with several pieces of clothing, that seem excessively glossy in that light. In the normal skybox, especially in Asylum, the materials looked fine however. -I could not make out a real difference in applied Symbols resolutions, although I didnt have the time to try and redo a symbol and apply it again, so the lack of resolution may be caused by the porting over. -Aside that dont have much to say, it looks quite a lot better, not UE4 level, but definitely a huge step up.
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