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  1. Unrelated, but I've seen posts of people getting banned for having AutoHotkey installed on their pc. This concerns me cause I have it installed and use it to, for example, have quick access to emotes on SS13. Of course I'm not dumb to leave the script running and launch APB, but I don't want my account to end up being banned one day for no reason, just because BattleEye found AHK installed and falsely identified me as a cheater.
  2. LO, Matt, when the next Beta test happens and you feel that you're just not ready to deliver a positive experience - postpone it for a later date. I'm sure 90% of users on this forum have no idea what it takes to mantain and troubleshoot a server, especially under heavy load, but they'll be happy to let you know they are disappointed for not being able to play. I hope this test helped you gather information you needed and I'll be sure to hop into next Beta when it happens. #supportLO
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