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  1. Hiya! I will try my best to keep posting as I get time! ^^ I'll hopefully have more freetime soon, but in the mean time I'm still working on the second set! ^^
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a lurker on here and sort of APB as well. Some of you might've seen me around Social District on Citadel EU, aggressively running up to you and staring at your character's skin before running away, or in any of the major mission districts, politely whispering how cool your character looks. I've been really inspired to draw some of the characters I've seen and hopefully I'll continue to draw more as the time goes on, since I've recently came back to APB:Reloaded and I reminisced about how much I adored the MMO customisation and to this day, no other game has beaten it in terms of its customisation. If you see your character or your friends' characters, please let them know! I'm using the in-game mailing system as you're reading this to get in touch with some of the people involved. Also, I will say I am quick on the draw of capturing skins, but not actually drawing them, so if you see an outfit selection you've recently parted ways with, I'm sorry! But the one I drew was at the time the one I screenshotted! ^^ Enforcer Group 1: Meirleach, kitsodavela, ayroh, H3len Criminal Group 1: AmeliWoytas, MasterDJSlay, DeepLoverZ and Roylen -- I will and may have more coming in the recent future as well, I just thought I'd share these for now given that I've worked a lot and these are really fun detail exercises for character design. Thank you again! See you in Social! - M
  3. Hey! This is my first post on the forums! saw this and thought i'd give it a go! Anika D'Cruz Good luck to everyone submitting!!!!
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