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  1. Not putting stress on anyone - but hearing feedback on designs would be nice, might take time though due to the amount of submissions. It might not be that do-able thinking about it logically.
  2. Super nervous but here goes nothing. I don't know if I was meant to stick to the theme 'Joker' and tried to be creative with character designing. I'd prefer as much creative freedom with the characters so no story names or anything pre-written and just ideas really. Jungle Outfit design is supposed to be colorful and standout. (Front and Back) Face Design (I tried to keep as much creative freedom with the separation of the front and back to face because the outfit was designed for my character) Raincoat I have no idea if this even fits in with the theme of Joker. Face Design Again wanted a different design for the face. Pastel Wanted a cute design for this character. Face Design
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