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  1. The last event was 5,5h long and it was really fun. Many thanks to everyone who participated and also who provided donations and items for winning prizes. Special thanks to @MattScott and the entire LO team for providing instacraft tables. I can't describe the joy of all players there that they could craft in a group as in the old days. Few screenshots here: Lukaso
  2. Hello Wastelanders, after long time Scavenger Bosses event will start on Saturday 22 January 2022 around 18.00 CET (12 pm EST; 5 pm UTC) as a small "celebration" that Fallen Earth is back at least in its classic state. Due to high level of Bosses, event is recommended for players on level 40+ but everyone is welcome. Main action on event is a Boss fight where each Boss has approx 30% chance to drop a key and 100% drop of random type of General book. Players will roll for these prizes. Location will be as usuallly - south of Foothills in Deadfall, waypoint X: 5620784 Y: 4873122. See you in Wasteland Lukaso
  3. Thank you very much for update, keep up the good work :)
  4. ...and also many thanks to Raxeand for event videos of all last events. Scavenger Bosses event: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/493649174 Fun with Earthwalker and Alpha Bosses: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494034340 The Last Outpost and Citadel raid: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/494233282 The Last Stand - 10 Year Anniversary event: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/487656826
  5. So this is the end. We had a lot of fun in Wasteland last few years, I will really miss FE 1.0. It wasn't "just a game", FE was like a good friend. A very good friend. And you know how hard are feelings when you lose a friend. I will miss all players I met there, fun on raids with them. I will miss Citadel raids, Scavenger Bosses events, GORE Bosses raids, helping with quests, defeating strong Bosses, searching undiscovered serendipity mobs and rare drops. I will miss fun in Dome with good partners, fun in Blood Sports, especially Assault. I will miss raids into Kingman Prison to kill Casta Gaunt on lower level. I will miss happiness when you found anything new or undiscovered in the game and share it with players. I will miss GM events, special holiday events, celebrations, anniversaries, hide&seek fun, RP amusement, and many many more fun. I shouldn't forget to awesome GMs and developers of all these years. Truely, FE was a part of my life. It was a place where you could hide when you had sad days in RL, it was a place where you have been when you were searching fun. It was my second home. It was our home. I hope that all true Wastelanders will be able to meet in FE 2.0 but FE 1.0 will never be forgotten. With love Luka
  6. The last event was 8h long (1h on Buzzkill, 1h on Crabba, 1h on Lilith and 5h on Scavenger bosses) and it was really fun. Many thanks to everyone who participated including @MattScott who made a time come and chat with players. PS: @Vít Eliášek I can't wait to your videos Here are some Discord screenshots: Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02 Screenshot 03 Screenshot 04 Screenshot 05 Luka
  7. Awesome, I'll try to join your events when I'll have a free time from work.
  8. Greetings Wastelanders, Scavengers, Adventurers, Warriors, Crafters, …….. Clones. The end of current Wasteland is slowly approaching so I would like to invite you to the last Scavenger Bosses/G.O.R.E. Bosses/Crafting party event that will start on Saturday 12 October 2019 around 17.00 CEST (11 am EDT; 3 pm UTC). Due to the high level of Bosses, event is recommended for players on level 40+ but everyone is welcome. Time plan of the event: 17.00 CEST to 20.00 CEST - G.O.R.E. Bosses raid to kill each boss type in a few rounds (Crabbahoak, Buzzkill, Lilith) 20.00 CEST to 01.00 CEST - Scavenger Bosses raid to kill each boss type - crafting with instacraft tables - giveaways - other actions like pvp fights and similiar fun is welcome Meeting location is in Rock Bottom in Terminal Woods, waypoint X: 6445353 Y:4565044. Then we will move to the Crabbahoak/Buzzkill's location and later to the Lilith's location. From 20.00 CEST the location will be at south of Foothills in Deadfall, waypoint X: 5620784 Y: 4873122 (Scavenger Bosses usual location). It doesn't matter if you prefer pvp or pve gamestyle, if you love or hate Creepers, if you love FE's sunset or you hate dark Alpha Zone, Important is only that you love our Wasteland and the whole Fallen Earth that may have become as a part of your life after all those years. Play it with a soul, play it to the end. See you in Wasteland Lukaso
  9. @MattScott Hello Matt, according to announcement above, if it was meant to cancel all the purchase of items to the game (after shutdown), you should also disable an option to buy Survivalist package on Steam (link below). By this package player obtain not only Survivalist premium but also 400 G1 Credits and few more Marketplace items. https://store.steampowered.com/app/113404/Fallen_Earth__Survivalist_Package/ Luka
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