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  1. I got a ban warning after confessing what I did on this thread "THE MOST TOXIC BEHAVIOUR YOU HAVE SEEN IN APB?" lol.


    Yes I did behaved toxically sometimes in-game but doesn't the fact that im confessing it in public means that im reflecting on it? You really didnt have to give me a perma ban warning man. Now it seems like your are challenging me to go commit toxic behavior. 


    Anyway, nothing against it. I acted toxic, I got warming, far enough.


    I just hope you guys are serious and not nitpicking or being petty. APB is dead most of the time during the day so you guys should just hire part timers or something to become mods during peak hours if your serious.

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  2. I'm unable to play apb cuz whenever i open the game the launcher keeps downloading an update of 27.62 mb of a file named "APB.exe" and after finishing the download, "ERROR" in red color shows up in place of "START" button.


    I tried verifying a couple of times the same thing as above keeps happening. What going on?



  3. Ive become kinda desensitized to these news after seeing what happened to amazon forest and those billions of animals lost in Australia.


    We have no future.  Live these couple of decades in peace and do what you enjoy guys cuz the coming times are gonna be hideous when automation steals our job and climate change steals our atmosphere.

  4. A lot of people don't go to the discussion sub forum of social forum, mostly new players and returning players and we end getting the same matchmaking, threat and Cheating threads every couple of days. So it would be helpful if mods could make them sticky in here.


    Side question- is phasing without engine upgrade possible? Im getting a feeling this game might just die off before we get the engine upgrade and we'll never get to experience phasing which is supposedly to revolutionize the matchmaking and threat system.

  5. When the fq are you going to nerf PMG?  THAT SHIT IS A HACK IN ITSELF!!!!!!


    Its a smg but SOMEHOW has range of an assault rifle, it SOMEHOW kills faster and more accurately in cqc than a nfas and nfas ogre. ITS FKING SUPREME!!!


    Im quitting apb until i see an update about nerfing PMG. fk of.


    edit -  The amount of dislikes and votes proved it that players are actually blind. Dont know what i was even expecting from apb players...smh.

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  6. haven't played since the whole coronavirus thing started like 3 or 4 months ago. Was too busy watching tv series and reading books without pictures for the first time in my life (red rising series!!!! Reaper ftw!)


    So need to know if anything happened in these 3-4 months in apb worth knowing. Im guessing probably nothing happened cept gun tweaks but still lemme know if i missed something!



  7. 17 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    You cannot adjust the in game crosshair.

    However it appears that for the time being and likely until 3.5 is released, crosshair overlays are and will be allowed.

    So if you want to customize your crosshair in any way, that's really your only option that is specifically allowed.


    Two popular options are Playclaw and HudSight.

    HudSight only has a paid version afaik, while Playclaw 6 is paid and Playclaw 5 is free.

    For either you can use whatever crosshair you want, make your own, or  google "crosshair png" and just pick one.




    Doesn't they only work if you play on windowed screen?

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