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  1. A kickstarter would be good for the game. It could provide enough funding for the studio to make some sort of timeline. Think either the community or the moderators should create a discord for updates and a general area where those who played can chat to those who haven't. They definitely have people available for testing. Who will test the game for free.
  2. Monthly Crafter's Markets that GMs can sponsor prizes. Multiple towns/zones because the game will be populated like we have never seen if it is remastered. Mainstreaming progression making it friendly to the current MMO player would benefit those of us who played for years because we would know how to min/max the event. Capped/daily reward/Login bonuses could be solutions but we all know how to power level and rush end game content. QoL updates would be needed. What we thought was second nature new FE gamers would probably hate.
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