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  1. believe it or not lo/eac has been making it harder and harder to cheat in apb, public cheats that were released in the last month were detected within a few days and stay detected. dumping any sort of module from the game at all is a major PITA currently as you need to mimic eac's process in order to join a server to dump most of the required stuff. there actually isn't a lot of people using full on cheats right now, there's only one russian private i know of that is invite only, and is only slotted for 50ish people. there's maybe 20 or so people that i know of that have actual privates, and the rest of the people cheating are using color tbot/aimbot via ahk. ahk isnt flagged by eac, so people are making due with that. we are no longer in the days of anyone can dump whatever they want on the main menu login screen, those days are long gone and it is much harder to develop anything for apb currently, which is why you no longer have any of the big names providing software for the game. anything else you see that is public is a scam or detected. there are absolutely no public cheats available for apb that aren't detected or work, and there have only been 2 which was during BattleEye, and since EAC has been implemented there has only been one public that got detected in a week.
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