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  1. Riario34

    OPGL missiles

    Grenades.. what ever. that is not the point. Its' projectiles are broken
  2. Riario34

    OPGL missiles

    OPGL's missiles need some additions. I think there is a huge problem in visual/visibility effect of them, same as there is no way you can identify missiles location by sound. I died dozens of times in situation when someone had shoot an OPGL, but I didnt see where and walked straight into it. I define it as a nonsense, such things should not happen in the game.
  3. Spotter and firework are two things that ruin competitive game experience. On Innova server we used to play clanwars and championship with certain rules that made game more "fair" for pvp. Now game has so many ridiculous weapons and modes that make game no fun to play. As exp. Ursus, or SHOTGUN that kills you in a long distance. absurd In my opinion, legal wallhacks, as it was said before, have no place in pvp games.
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