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  1. dnoo

    Console update

    Hello, I have a question, why don't we have any news about consoles for a update over it. Its been 3 years since we last got an update here, and the game here struggling to keep itself alive here with players quitting it each week and month. And also to mention that Voice Chat was also removed here for already 2 months wich was enough to kill the game here. The game is not as fun to be played anymore with everyone using Keyboards and Mouses wich that also caused people to quit. And now what is left? To get everyone banned here? We have been lied to for already 2 years when you Little Orbit came here by brain washing us with that "Console Fix" when you are all working on removing features keeping consoles alive here and only adding new stuff and events for PC. The game is not going to last any longer and actions need to be taken here. A great action Little Orbit team can do is just updating the game with whatever bugs are still around in console since I saw that PS4 Dev Kit running APB at Night time, a feature we never had outside the Halloween event and it was running the game perfectly fine at 30 Frames on Twitter. But what does it hold you back here on console? Destroying lots of cars causing a crash to whoever is close to the explosion? This issue is not as important as the issue where people are liteally quitting the game for it not being updated. And at the end I only still want to enjoy this game here with my friends that are here while I still can do it, but all you all are doing is just lying to us. We were way patient and hyping the update as how your CEO Matt Scott said in his road map wich probably half of it is probably full of lies. If actions wont be taken soon before the Marketing of APB will be started then nobody would bother playing the game in this state on consoles since they will play the game or just look at the reviews made online such as Youtube or anything else and that will hurt the game since theres literally millions of consoles that were bought by people, 114 Million PS4 and 49 Million consoles were sold alone and there are Millions of active players and communities playing consoles and would be interested into looking something new such as APB, but since the game runs so bad there then they will only just spend a little time there and then move on. Please take action over all this and maybe bring some hope on here while it still can be done, because it can be lost forever in just the spand of 2 or 3 months I would say it will be still played by the last people playing this game untill they will also quit.
  2. May I ask you where did you find that map on the wall showing both Financial and Midtown districs?
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