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  1. I know it's difficult to grasp tones of people over text but I thought the Riot joke would have been more than obvious to indicate that this is a 'joke banter' and not a person raging. Simmer it down bout 10% on your Calm Down 'Pep talk', goes into an weird parent talk that makes you seem like a awkward fool.
  2. Little Orbit!! You want to add RIOTs into ABP? Well you better like em, because you'll get one if you don't open the gates!
  3. Calm Down? Calm the fuck down?! It's been 88 hours of dreadful pain! They tricked half of us into believing we would finally get out fix, god damnit they tricked us!
  4. Knowing full well that they have been having server issues, and closed down the only area you could spend that currency. Do you really think that was a smart move? Just couldn't wait for them to straighten everything out eh?
  5. You've been having the APB dreams too? Man... These past few days I swear are making me rethink my sanity.
  6. If youre not signed in you can view Armas and spend some time looking at cosmetic junk.
  7. Pulling an all-nighter my guy? I'll pull one with yeah! Matter of fact, everyone pull an all-nighter, lets get this party started!
  8. Honestly fella, this is some of the most narrow minded shit I've seen. I specifically made this account just to throw in a reply. Golds that dethreat because they want to club seals, yeah.. I get it, pain in the patootie. Shame on them anyways, those fella's only want to see high scores, don't care if they have to handicap to see it. But most people dethreat because for some fucking reason people want to play in bronze districts instead of silver districts, you'll have a silver financial but a bronze waterfront. Personal Example - What if I did all the contacts in financial and need to move to waterfront for Contacts? Ever try dethreating naturally? Took me 13 hours, by then the waterfront was dead. And whats with all this Gold Hate I've been seeing, some people are just better than others at video games, get over it man. Don't be such a spineless brat that you would specifically go afk because there are golds on the other team. How bout, not getting mad at the game when you lose. Last I checked, losing still gives you rewards/Money/Experience/Standing. Everyone is so focused on being the Best and having the highest score. Just try to enjoy the damn game, enjoy the customization, the MMO aspect, the style of combat. As a side note though; 'Golds' are not the ones who will kill the game, it's people like you who can't seem to just enjoy playing games that leave the game after losing a tad. That, and also this toxic hate people have against everyone else. If you're killed, so what. Don't go about whispering the fella and antagonizing them, or on district chat being a general prick. The game's population is too small to have a toxic patootie community, boys needs to Relax and just enjoy the game.
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