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  1. Um, I don't know if I should bug report this. Armas is saying to me Character, faction, World Undefined (UR) that's a bug right?
  2. This is a stupid question. Did the "new" servers get names yet?
  3. Amusingly. it still let me purchase things in Armas, but I would love to know if it actually shows up in my email.
  4. Hi. Can we get an admin reply here? According to https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/ "APB PC servers are under maintenance." Has this changed yet?
  5. It's not a new york thing. I get Error 9 from US-East-1, US-West-2 and various places in New York City, and State. Love this lack of communication.
  6. What magic are you using to connect? 11:08AM still stuck at error 9.
  7. 10:56AM No idea why it's not working. If everyone's saying it's up, but it's still giving error 9.
  8. Hi, 10:22AM EDT Still getting error 9, after a 45 delay after attempting to login. I thought this was operational now???
  9. Contacting Login Server. This is new! I'm not getting an instant error 9!
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