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  1. But of course you can't be banned because someone reported you for "hacking" even though you used all skill, right?
  2. Oh yay! Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. Yay hehe I'm actually just 2 days new on APB so it being my new craze and just bailing on me after a day... It had hit me as a shocker .-.
  4. Yea ik.. I didn do really good but it's my first time ever posting in a forum... Haven't been up with them much... Focused on other things mostly. It's just my main thoughts all put in one.
  5. I'm bored, anyone wanna play any card games? or any cops wanna form a group to plan how we are gonna lessen the crim rate?(no i did not make a type i made a flat and lame pun) I love updates but i believe a bit more should have been pinned and notified to us via our email of what to expect and when they are taking down the server, i am aware they said this on twitter but i didn't get any email, neither did the game itself know that it was gonna be updated!! But i still can't wait to see what will happen, even if it's one bug fix i'm happy i just love games that are not ptw (APB is not in anyway ptw... ptw means u pay money to be stronger and only if you pay... will u be stronger... In APB u gotta grind... even if u pay, u just get cool stuff when u pay,(that's what i gathered from it so far...) kinda like certain battle royale games tht i bet i wont be allowed to say here... everything else requires skill.. well patience and a few buffs am i going off topic here? yea... sorryyy. I hope I got to entertain you a little bit!!! leave a like if u.. gosh i sound like a... u know who.. so... let's not do that.
  6. I just love when devs update things!!! i feel so exited and eager to see wat's new, even if it's a bug fix, i tend to realize them. they said 5 hrs ago tho, on twitter that they're going through server updates on all platforms.
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