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  1. I have fixed the issue by downloading the UrbanVPN.Now even if i connect to a VPN Server here in Brazil the game connects to the district without any problems. Thanks for the help Merged. Edit: First i tried connecting to a vpn server in washington DC but my internet speed was super slow,then, i connected to a close vpn server here in Brazil and voila! The game was running without the "Connecting to district server" bug and without ping issues.
  2. (Using a Translation machine) I'm almost giving up, even after fixing the login issue, I can't get in any district and I hadn't this problem a few months ago. I sent a ticket to LO, but I don't see any progress. I'm playing from Brazil but like i said i hadn't this problem before.Please help me :3
  3. I tried using Hotspot Shield Vpn, but it didn't work. I created a new account and selected the Jericho (NA) server, but the game is still stuck on "connecting to district server ..."
  4. Hi, today i downloaded the game but i can't play it.I can log in and select my character but when i try to enter a district the game takes forever to load with the "connecting to district server..." message,then it shows " exiting current district..." and the "you have been disconnected from the World Server unexpectedly" error.
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