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  1. Ye im trying to hit a 1000 GB's of RAM rn so no ill be at around 200 fps constant
  2. I mean idk I think the xbox has voiced contacts and doeant have the blurry bug
  3. Yeah on console most players are really ignorant
  4. Ye believe it or not ive seen ppl in the community get banned for using KnM bcuz a huge amount of ppl report them bcuz KnM users are hated on console
  5. Does leaning improve accuracy while jump shooting because on console I jump shoot with ntec no leaning and most of the time its pretty successful
  6. ah ok you can use KnM on console but not many ppl do it
  7. Is there sum sort of features in the creator pc has and console doesnt?
  8. The game runs very bad and constantly blue screens from random actions in game. The lag makes it impossible for you to switch weapons mid mission, also theres a texture bug that every player experiences where 90% if the time your playing the game is all blurry and its hard to make out things on screen, may I add basically ruining the customization. And those are the bugs that me and most of the console communituy (at least from ps4) think should be adressed and fixed first.
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