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  1. The red ones are the same for everyone, but not the purple ones.
  2. Honestly, it should work? APB runs on around 20 fps with intel hd 5500 at 720p. You should be able to get around 60 fps if you tweak some settings, it just depends on how good the game handles APUs. It should be fine until you upgrade to an rx 570/580 like you said earlier. I'd recommend the 580 over the 570 seeing as they almost cost the same, might be different where you live. And don't go with 8gb of ram if you are going to use an APU, seeing as you can get more performance by assigning more vram to the APU from your ram. Which will leave you with 4 or 6gb of ram, depending on how much you want to assign to your APU.
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