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  1. Ooh, I like the idea of a perma chat ban, that's so much better than a regular ban, would definitely encourage some people to keep their mouths shut.
  2. Nitric

    Corrupt the wish above™

    Your (suddenly existing) dog can now speak! But as he's always watching you, he now favors foul language, berating you and will eventually report you to the police and testify against you in a court of law. I wish my neighbours would shut up.
  3. Nitric

    Corrupt the wish above™

    You do because everything else you own shrinks down to shoe box size, including you, the horse is now your giant, omnipresent equestrian god. I wish I had a latte.
  4. Nitric

    Return of the user above - The movie

    The user above me is legendarily brutal