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  1. I was lucky when I started playing FE 6 years ago. I was fortunate enough to meet and become a member of one of the oldest clans in the game. The Drifters. They were, and still are, an awesome bunch of people and we had a lot of fun. All the parties and events. Especially the naked runs through Kingman Prison with nothing but a club for a weapon. Friendships made and memories to reflect on. For me it is all reminiscent of Star Wars Galaxies shutting down after 8 years of play. After that I'd thought I'd never find another such community. Then I found Fallen Earth. For now, the Drifters have taken refuge in Destiny 2 but we will be awaiting to hopefully return to Fallen Earth some day as it is our true home. So long for now, everyone. Keep the shiny side up and your powder dry. Katiana, Drifter Enigma
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