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  1. I had a lot of fun playing this over the years, and met a lot of cool people. Loved also being able to help newer people out when I maxed out my first character! One thing I'll note, if the remake does actually happen - I really hope that you guys maintain a similar crafting system. One of the biggest things I loved was that 95% of the weapons, armor, consumables, vehicles, etc could be made by the players, without a need for paying cash or anything other than a bit of a wait time for recipes to be made - and it was fully modular. Want to just craft medicine? Sure! Want to also craft armor, and melee weapons? No problem! Want to craft other stuff, but stay away from motorcycles and cars? No worries! That aspect really made it fun for me, especially as I was never a huge fan of PvP, because it meant I could support other players, while still having my fun with crafting and PvE portions of the game. Here's hoping the remake does get made!
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