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  1. a couple questions. will Haven and Embry have the design they were updated to, or will they be reverted back to their older one (miss my Haven apartment)? will there be combat pets as rumored for years (so i've heard) that never happened, and is it possible to have multi-passenger vehicles this time around? i too miss the old armor system. it's the apocalypse, you're not always going to find a matching pair of shoes that have both in good shape. you're going to mix and match whatever you can find that doesn't look like swiss cheese that's been through the garbage disposal
  2. I met my best friend of nearly ten years in this game, and we're like sisters. The RP community was impressive, and even a few GMs joined in on the fun. Invicta needs to come back and throw one final bash like in the old days and have one last ride
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