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  1. that only accounts for if u never miss 1 shot like hackers do when they run an aimbot while using ntec so technically u never can kill 5 people with a full clip coz the chance of missing several shots is pretty high even if tap firing as a moving target isn't always easy to hit or even kill mate.
  2. i completely agree i am so sick of low rank players and or veteren players jumping in saying the ntec is to op and needs a nerf the ntec is a good base line gun for almost anyone and i feel calling it op and requesting it to be nerfed would just show that the person(s) complaining just either need to use it more and practice with it or should just try other guns instead of saying its op and needs a major nerf as i am sure LO have better things to do then listen to children complaining about stuff thats not even a issue. -Anon
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