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  1. Потому что тут ничего не происходит так-то, поэтому и смысла нет сидеть, да и знание английского отпугивает многих.
  2. All players can use any type of mods. Fell free to color your smoke xD So there is no restrictions to use mods, which you have mentioned.
  3. Probably there was not a 'pre-paid' post? Just for an information?
  4. 11 teams at all. (not all of them are fully ready) As far as i know4 teams from RU (who will be play 100%) and 2 teams from EU, other have just submited their applications. Tournament administration checks each player individually.
  5. No. If you are want to join as free-agent, you will need to communicate with your teammates. You don't need to speak, but hear your teammates is extremely important.
  6. This tournament will take 2-3 hours in a week, just to play 5-6 matches. You can register as free-agent, so there is no problem at all, you don't need a premade or team to participate.
  7. Why don't you want to take part in the competition?
  8. Seems so, but what the problem to help with that? They just need to help with "flight" mode and restricted district...
  9. Are you suprised? This APB, dude xD
  10. Heh, macro guys are cancer of this game. Hating A4tech for creating their sheeeaaat =(
  11. Sounds awesome! Probably new breath for routine APB life xD
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