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  1. So, frankly speaking. Has any one of the detractors brought a new player to the game in the past year? Because we tried, and it was such a toxic, uninviting experience with such a lack of real good gameplay (or anything resembling it) that they immediately uninstalled with little or no chance of returning. Sounds like a lot of complaints from people who've not attempted this or seen the problems with it.
  2. Either limit the rank of mods per server, or limit the amount of mods on equipment by server. New players have to deal with a lack of map knowledge, a lack of game knowledge, they don't need to suffer extravagantly against players who also outgear them. This isn't about P2W. Even if a new player tries to P he won't W because you aren't paying cash for the mods to compete against r255 dethreats. It's not like you need max modded gear to handle bronzes. You only need it to handle other dethreaters, and you don't need that when they are limited to the same rules. Bronze - 1 mod per character, weapon, and Vehicle Silver - 2 mods per character, weapon, and Vehicle Gold - No Holds barred.
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