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  1. ill love to play it if it comes back to its former glory, no hackers and good GM in game, and updates, this was and i play it sence day one hel.l i was in the beta, Back in day when betas where betas and alhpa crap was not beta, I ll pay a monthy fee as long as you get the hackers out, and shops is not pay to win. leave the style items and cars bikes even things to change the weapon looks but no items to unbalance the game, players wanted to get a game like fall 76 but we alkl know that game suck, fallen earth has always been better the fall games anyways back in the day, fix it and you see this rais from the ashes like a you know what. i will be and my guild makes will be coming back ! FIX IT. game been done aready, make it playable updae engine get hackers olut and you will see ! $$$$$$$
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