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  1. this happened again last night, missions could not be added so we logged out to windows then logged in to an empty character screen. based on advice from this post we just left the empty character screen up and waited... about 5 minutes after our logout our character appeared and we were able to play. we tried to advise other players what was happening but it was a totally quiet chat night. it would be good to know if this is a global issue possibly affecting all players simultaneously, or if this was a failure of our instance of the game alone. clueless until people respond in-game to discuss it when it happens again...
  2. This problem has symptoms in-game that require logging out. The worst symptom is that you can't get any new missions; when you click to accept the new mission it plays a sound like a very muted trumpet then nothing happens, the mission is not added to your list of missions regardless of whether you have an open tracking slot or not. the only fix for this has been re-logging, but you can't bring a toon back into play and when you try exit and restart there are no clones when the character selection screen loads. These two events are always paired together as nearly as can tell... good luck fixin' it! Merged. hmm... to add to the previous post,.. was finally able to load a character and discovered the mission that would not add to our mission list was finally added in. hope this info helps. did not notice lag when this happened earlier. -enjoy!
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