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  1. You're right! That's what I'm trying to say!
  2. Answer for themselves personally!While I was waiting for the transfer I play on citadel and I have not had a single ban,I settled down on the slot values of the citadel and high grade,after transferring the characters came together and I got ban! What is the point I get banned for cheating given that I have invested money and time ??? What I profit from this ?
  3. I not said that only Russians banned !I said that many of the Russian who got unjustified ban ! Here is what one of our players: Sasha Goosey I have banned three accounts on which I played after the transfer c Innova on Nekrova , that anti-cheat is good. . . .
  4. That's not important at the moment ! Even if you look at the player base with innova systems ,you can make sure that the players there did not receive locks for third-party software
  5. Support author!Yesterday when upgrading the client, the play button has changed to Error !I fixed the game and the problem remained,friends advised to do a ReBoot and the problem disappeared !Today after work I think to play are included in the district and Hello-you're banned ! What kind of joke is that? Russian-speaking players are actively discussing this problem,if it was a single case-it's one thing,but it's the majority of players !All honest players including me I think are prepared provide logs . . . Blocking is not fair!I will challenge!
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