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  1. AlgizGI

    QOL: Car Music

    If I remember correctly in the configuration there is an option to mute the music of other players.
  2. hi, i think this matter is maybe one of the reasons why the game's negative ratings on steam are so many. I have a question, could this problem also affect the account itself? I mean, they could ban your account if you come playing with the problems associated with the graphic card?
  3. AlgizGI

    Cant sell on auc

    I do not receive any message or entering the social district. In the paperclip I only get the message: "your account is not allowed to mail attachments". I send a ticket for support 3 days ago.
  4. AlgizGI

    Cant sell on auc

    neither trade nor send messages.
  5. AlgizGI

    Cant sell on auc

    I have the same problem, my last session was last week and now I cannot sell or buy items in the market. which is the reason? :(
  6. De momento creo no existe forma de cambiar el idioma como antes.
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