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  1. Still can't log in through Steam, what happened ! Any help please ! Try logging OFF and logging back IN, = No Success Tried file check, = No Success Tried defragmenting game fil = No Success It was working fine ( a was able to log in) before the server migration Thanks
  2. Out of curiosity, did you create your account in April? HI Matt Thanks for the follow up No I played FALLEN EARTH since march 5th 2018, and accumulated more than 420 hours of game time. some friends also can't log in through STEAM. at the moment 2019-05-09 21:40 Eastern Standard Time, i can't even log due to connecction authenticating... another maintenance ... hope it will fix STEAM through log in Thx
  3. Since the server update, i am no longer able to log through steam. Still being stuck at splash screen telling me that i'm logged in and with entering my password i coud force a disconnect ! Tried it several times, with a forced disconnect and relogging with no succes at all ! Any help on this ? Thx
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