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  1. the game was nice and fun until an arsehole called "Artemi Six" messed it up, freely bashing people ingame in the helpchat while hiding behind his green status, ok i'm out, good luck to endure such assholes supposed to help ppl out, bye FE
  2. the fixing/testing is so in late that ppl are talking about food and posting lame memes, come on Matt, save us further pain !
  3. Matt too does, when he says it will be up soon...just kidding xD
  4. come on, dude...its not FF14....we aint that much to crash it, even tho its an old piece of junk that could crash due to a sneeze
  5. yea, like we are outside of the operating room at an hospital...will it survive, will the doctor say "nope, no way, it's dead, like really dead, we did all we could, but it didnt show any sign of will to survive, so its over"
  6. usually when it takes that long between updates, it means epic fail, but lets see what Matt has to say about the fixing attempts
  7. i'd rather not, i died from lag and i'm not willing to run all wasteland due to crappy database making game unstable let him announce the epic fail or half success, then we will see the next steps
  8. he said he can fix it, let him try until he faces the wall.
  9. they need the weekend to fix the database
  10. i'm looking forward to this, the sooner the better, that should also make the daily maintenance duration shorter right ? and should give you the time to rewrite the backend to finally replace that old piece of junk you bought from G1 at the next scrap facility.
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