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June 2019 Kickstarter - Character Customization

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Hi backers,


Character Customization Mockups


This process starts with Jessica, our User Experience (UX / UI) artist. She typically starts in Photoshop with a set of approved user interface elements, and then works through the various screens. As you can see, we've been working hard to establish what Unsung Story's interface will look like.


Choose a Job

As I said earlier, all units start as either a Mercenary or a Physician.



Choose a Race

Next we have to choose what race we want our unit to be. Each race has a couple stats that they excel at, so it's important that we leave room on the screen to talk about what makes them unique.



Choose a Body Type and Skin Tone

It's not shown here, but the body types will be a mix of male and female. Both the shapes and skin tones will be unique to each race.



Choose a Face and Eye Color

We want every one of your units to feel special, so they can have various faces. You wont see the face a lot in the battle, but for dialog sequences we get an animated portrait that talks.



Choose a Hair Style and Hair Color

Right now we have about 9-10 hair styles per race / gender combination along with one hair style unique to each job.



Choose a Color Scheme

At the end of Customization you can choose from a couple special themes for your color scheme. We're still working on these, but for anyone who got the Kickstarter Edition Classes then you'll get a special skin.



Finally, we've put together a short Work In Progress video showing off some of those customization features. Right now we have most of the basic races, genders, and job outfits modeled in 3D. However, each of those models then has to go through a second "unification" step. This is where the vertices on the model are nudged and pushed to fit each body type so that it works correctly with our customization system. 


We decided to finish all of the female human models, so we could work through everything once before moving onto the next races and genders. To show things off properly, we cheated in this video and swapped the Physician for our Archer since that was one of the job outfits that has already been unified.


The video is on our Kickstarter Update for June 2019 here:




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