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Dome Bug

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Bug Report _5/27/2019_


Issue experienced at 12:36pm (PST)


Me and a spontaneous dome partner entered in at Round 1, and easily without flaw demolished up to Round 7 in moments notice. During Round 7 / at the start most likely, my dome partner's damage output failed, and it seemed as though bullets were being wasted but not functioning with any connected values. The guns were un-equipped, re-equipped and still did no damage (no markers, values or indicators). The weapons were swapped with an entirely different set of weapons, and round seven was repeated, with no avail, same result. We let the Lady and the Panther kill us and tried again, attempting to reset the values multiple times and re-initiate the damage we needed to press on, but no matter what is done, there is no damage, and no function of the multiple tested weapons. This, of course becomes fixed after leaving Dome, but somewhat stomps on progress.

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