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Make a mode for singles please. I'm not a team player

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Make a mode for singles please. I'm not a team player

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I have moved this topic to APB Game Suggestions.


- Mina_

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you can always decide to not take part in team alliances.

it's in the group "menu"


if you complain that groups with actual communication have it easier - lol.


i'm also mostly a solo player - but since apb IS largely reliant on team tactics and not one guy playing rambo (or trying to be solid snake, lol) - that's something one just has to deal with. not like you couldn't do your own thing most missions, it's not like you'd ever get in a match against WASP (do they still exist?) with this mentality.


that also being said - there's fight club. there you go. a mode where you can basically play alone.

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IMG_20190527_032323.jpggod... blah blah blah. bullshoot. play alone through the squad menu? Is it serious? look at the photo if I understand correctly, the flag is not removed there. have you come to terms with team play? flag in hand! fight club has a team game if th. help. fight club is mindless meat. nothing. think before you grind any game

1 hour ago, neophobia said:


Вы всегда можете решить не участвовать в командных союзах.

это в группе "меню"


если вы жалуетесь, что группам с реальным общением легче, лол.


Я также в основном сольный игрок - но поскольку apb в значительной степени зависит от командной тактики, а не от одного парня, играющего в рамбо (или пытающегося быть крепким змеем, смеется), - это то, с чем нужно иметь дело. не то, чтобы вы не могли выполнять свои собственные задачи в большинстве миссий, это не похоже на то, что вы когда-либо попадете в матч с WASP (они все еще существуют?) с таким менталитетом.


это также как говорится - есть бойцовский клуб. вот и ты. режим, в котором вы можете играть в одиночку.

response to you above

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The best you can hope for is that LO further develop the out of mission activities for solo players to engage in. Way back when RTW first released the game and then G1 somewhat enhanced this aspect of the game, we put forward a lot of suggestions as to how it could be improved. And I think it could be improved.


  1. Engine Upgrade is required (to make shared instancing possible so match making isn't restricted to one district).
  2. Shared instancing needs to work (so LO can do away with the manual instance selection and players are automatically placed into districts, meaning the idea of "empty district farming" isn't a thing any more).
  3. Develop the off mission activites significantly so they're fun for both sides.


How to do the latter?

Criminals: Don't need a ton of enhancement as they already have a few ways to make cash. In addition to these (still relatively mundane) activities, the criminal could get insider information fed to them as they progress up through notoriety levels. They start at zero, needing to do ram-raiding, mugging and boosting cars but as they rise through the notoriety ranks they unlock "insider tips" about the activities of more lucrative marks, such as:

  1. You receive a tip that an armoured truck carrying gold bullion is making its way through the district. Find it, jack it and take the goods to your launderer to cash in. 
  2. A well-known fat-cat has been spotted in "insert establishment here" and is soon to leave. If you get there quickly enough, you may get a chance to mug them for a fatter payout.
  3. A gold-plated Cisco has been sighted in the district. Boost it for a massive payout.

The frequency of these marks occurs more the higher your notoriety. At rank 4 notoriety, you get an indication on your map as to the rough location of the mark. At max rank (bounty), you get the exact location. Maximum risk (other criminals may be after it as well, everyone will be after you), easiest route to locating the mark quickly. But you can, of course, get clean to avoid the risk and continue seeking the mark manually. You do lose your notoriety when you hand in (as currently is the case) so you can't just constantly do insider tips and will need to raise your notoriety again.


Major change: Any criminal activity committed by a criminal off-mission (including killing civilians) that is witnessed by another NPC civilian (or enforcer player), is marked on the map for off-mission enforcers to see. More importantly, the value of the current stash that criminal is carrying is shown when hovering over the blip. The blip remains in place for a short while only.


Enforcers: Need a ton of work for this part. Currently, all you can do is randomly witness the odd criminal hoping they're out of mission, kill them and take their ill-gotten goods back for reward, or find stolen cars and repo them (the latter is really slow cash). The latter is the only "single player" part of it. What I'd propose is that the Enforcer can follow up on any reported crime on the map, as per the above major change. When they arrive at the location, they receive a small amount of cash for their report (stashed) but they will then get a very brief blip on the map showing the current wearabouts of the criminal that committed the crime (rough area for prestige 1 to 3, pin point dot for 4 and 5).


Additional design: off duty criminals can witness Enforcers as they chase leads (exact same mechanic as witnessing criminals, perhaps with a camera icon instead of handcuffs). This serves the same function, give criminals the chance to stop snooping detectives, steal their cash and turn it in. 


For enforcers, when an insider tip is spawned for a criminal, if you have a high enough prestige, you will also be informed of the mark! Same rules apply as for the criminal. At this point, the enforcer can ignore these tips and just continue following up on crimes to receive low to moderate income (as their prestige increases). The same current rules apply for witnessing (if they witness an off mission criminal, they're entered into a 1v1/group v group mission to kill that criminal). So, they can follow the breadcrumbs of the criminal's crimes (but a crimnal can be more careful and avoid detection, making this harder) and, eventually, witness them - forcing them into a death match for the stashes they both carry (just as it is now). Backup rules still apply (allowing the event to turn into a mission for anyone to join when ready up).


The insider events will be more lucrative for both sides (I'd suggest the final payout should get multiplied for larger player volumes).


I'd say this is the only way the "single player" content is going to get developed; it needs an element of multiplayer tie-in as well; that said, the above design would make it possible for you to play completely solo, so long as you enjoy the idea that you can be opposed at any time that you're not careful.

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