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what i remember best and worst about FE

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i played from launch to  a few months after the first xpack.  cant remember what that was called but it added the first new zone.  bugs were the thing that finally made me quit.  so a new engine should fix that.


loved the settings, things were a bit on the simple side, but game play is more important.  which leads to one of the bad things:  i was a ranged player, sniper rifles that couldnt kill at more than 10 yrds was a problem. 


crafting.  holy shit, they didnt do that one ok, they nailed it.  one of the best ive ever seen in the 25 years or so ive been playing mmos.  dont get me wrong, its been a long time since then, so changes could be good.  but try to keep the feeling of hard work being rewarded in crafting. 


i played asherons call for 6 years, and one of the best things about that game was the sense of size.  no zones, take off running and see where you ended up.   FE had that too.  hope it stays.  RIP solclaim, if bots hadnt ruined it, i'd still have been playing it when i shut down 10 years later. 


in game support.  until they had to do the layoffs when it started to lose players it had by far the best ive ever seen in a game.  if you were one of them, hold your head high.  you were great.



hope to see this game come back,  the idea was good.  it just didnt get the chance to shine.  please buy a large, bright lamp for its relaunch :)



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