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November Crafter's Market

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Hello all, it's time again!


For those of you new to market, it was established in beta before auction was created. Always on the first Saturday of the month, it was the main way crafters sold their wares. Now, it's a way for the community to get together and have a little fun! (more info in the history thread here)


This month it will be hosted in the S1 Capital of Embry, at 1 PM CST (GMT-6) on Nov. 3rd
Countdown Timer here


As for events, I'll be doing my usual trivia for prizes, and a vehicle show!
The winners for the vehicle show will be selected by judges, in one of 4 catagories;

  • ATVs
  • Bikes/Choppers
  • Buggies
  • Cars

Lowbies are also eligible for a free cycle key and dyes (if you don't already have one)


In addition we will have nonstop instacrafts during the day, if you drop one down please let me know so I can replace it!
If you have some extra items laying around, donations can be sent to Op Hooligan, these donations will be used in trivia for prizes.


Thanks for the continued support, see ya' at the market!

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Thanks to everyone who came out! And congrats to the winners of the vehicle show, here's a few pics!



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