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Forum rule changes

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Hello everyone,

After some time of the forums being open, we have decided some rules needed to be added to the existing Terms of Service. These rule changes and additions will help clarify  why some warnings have been given out.

The changes made to the rules are following:

  • Changed some of the existing Terms of Service wording
  • No Spam Refrain from posting nonsensical, one word or non-contributory posts, or double posting.  Additionally, animated pictures (.gifs) are only allowed in replies if pertinent to the thread you’re replying to. Using them in your signature, banner, or avatar is not allowed.
  • No Sharing PMs/DMs and/or Bans Posting the content of private messages is not permitted, as those should remain private (unless given approval - for PMs/DMs).
    No Sharing Support tickets The conversation you had with the supporter agent should remain private. If you have a complaint regarding your ticket, contact Selali.
  • No Backseat Modding Help is always welcome, but do not attempt to influence a moderator’s decision by suggesting punishments or starting witch hunts on your own. Our team fully capable of dealing with any and all issues that might arise.
  • Ban Discussion While you are allowed to discuss the events that lead to your ban (or somebody else’s), refrain from sharing private details and conversation between any part involved, including our support system.
  • Flagging Posts We rely on our community to flag posts, topics or members that break the rules using the Report system. Please note that the this system is not an “advanced dislike button”, and using it as such will count as harassment.

The rules have been updated as of this announcement and you will be able to find them above the Forums (Big red *Forum rules* button) or below the forum (Privacy Policy | Forum Rules | Code Of Conduct)
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