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Heya, just gonna give few quick suggestions for the forum.


First, it's always been neat to see the newest posts on the side-block that stands on the right. Currently it only shows Members statistics. Maybe you haven't had the time to do that yet or you simply didn't want to, but that would be really easy.

Not sure how everyone is feeling about a chatbox, but It's magical for me. On my forum people requested it quite heavily (even though it's a small forum). Not sure how it goes with EU and chatboxes, but I see it as a great oppurtunity to interact with people right-off. Chat filters can easily be added, so monitoring should be pretty simple.

Next... I've seen forums that have success with maintaining peace on their site with an easy-to-access "Report Content" section. Where users can report content they noticed somewhere. This could work well for content you recently saw or just that someone is bypassing some filters and breaking rules in the chat (the previous suggestion). Reporting content shouldn't be as easy as just reporting it. There could be a limit to report content, there should be a reason with a minimum word-count etc. Making sure people don't just abuse it, like people already do in-game 😄

Last suggestion would be more like a request. You can create certain mile-stones for reaching certain reputation numbers and you can make badges (images) to compliment those numbers. Those are always fun to see. Gives you a bit of a boost. I bet this will be two-sided. Some would like this, some wouldn't. 

That's all from me!

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