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Begin Again [RP]

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Care to try and relive your youth? How about a nice life in the suburban area? Still want weekly allowance money? Get together with friends and go around poking each other with sticks! We'll this is a invite to those who wish to "Begin Again". We The Union will exercise a event story-line [RP] within "Sunshine Corners". The idea is to open up your inner kid!!! Sunshine Corners was a very resourceful town with a nice theme to pull this off. If you have a [RP] that's alright just visit sunshine corners and join in, and if anyone want to play apart as a union citizen living within sunshine corners lol? that's alright cause that's what were doing. Lots of [RP} has been going on and I thought this would be another epic time for Fallen Earth players to come enjoy, joke and laugh. 


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