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APB Paramilitary Pack [FULL] In OTW.

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Before you start off by saying "there is a Paramilitary Pack in APB OTW test server" those are only parts of it. 
In my opinion I loved the pieces of clothing from the pack like the gas mask and the jacket is one of my best outfits really.
I think it's by far one of the most popular packs but I could be wrong. I just want it added man. 

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It looks like you're misunderstanding the purpose of OTW.

Open Test World is not supposed to be a gameplay server where you mess around with things you can't afford in live APB. The only reason all those items are given to players who log on there is to allow them to be tested for any issues, bugs, glitches, item conflicts and any other errors that should be removed before forwarding the patches to live servers.
Your actual motivations are seeping out of your post pretty transparently. You don't want to test them (and frankly, after all this time, I doubt there's anything erroneous to find in them), you just like how they look and you want to have them.

Please reevaluate what you think OTW's purpose is supposed to be.

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